Quick turnaround time and 24/7 on-call customer support are just a few of the reasons why Blue Star Electrical is different from other industrial electrical companies.

We assess and respond to each individual project with care, precision and detail. With a preventative maintenance focus, we are able to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with equipment and machinery before a problem occurs saving both time and money.

Services we offer:

  • Fire and gas calibrations
  • Preventative maintenance throughout the oil and gas industry
  • On call service with 24/7 phone support (as well as personal assistance if required)
  • P.J. installation and troubleshooting
  • Plant and field grounding upgrades
  • Installation of Electrical equipment
  • Pump jack pressure switch calibrations
  • Plant turn-around
  • Installation of control panels
  • Plant calibrations
  • Trenching, cable pulls, skid steer tasks

Safety is a major operating component of our company. We have a Secor Certificate for approximately ten years and are registered with ISN and Complyworks.